What's Trending - Spring & Summer 2019 Accessory Trends

by Marcy Lipman

For the first time in a long time we are seeing a resurgence of fun and whimsy captured in fashion jewelry accessories. Eye-catching baubles and statement jewelry are in the forefront. Dramatic jewelry that has been mostly runway exclusive is now translating nicely to our mainstream lives of work and play. This is an exciting season! 

Bold and Beautiful

Yes, dainty and simple pieces will always be popular but this Spring's tropical fruits and flamingos coupled with bold colors and stones are everywhere. Have fun this season with your accessories. Take a simple  Crystal Palm Tree Stud Earring to wash away your winter blues or a color pom pom or Ostrich Feather Statement Necklace.  Pair with beaded linked loop dangle earrings.

A favorite trend this season is colored Cubic Zirconia and Crystal pieces. A wide selection of rainbow colored necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets add a bit of spice to update your everyday pieces. And, of course, layering is still everything when it comes to all your jewels. 


Sunkissed Tones

For a bit of a sunkissed look, add in the ever-popular Rose Gold tones or even an Antiqued Burnished metal finish to make those crystals pop. Go ahead and break the rules and mix and match metals. 

Striking Silhouettes

Silhouettes are also becoming more interesting this Summer. Bring a fresh look to staple earrings like posts or hoops with a dye injected resin option that is not only beautiful but also lightweight. Adding embellishments to your hoops such as string tassels, charms, pearls, crystals, semi-precious stones are a way to freshen up your look. Elongated Styles are also trending to add new angles, shape and dimensions to your earrings. Or combine the two looks with "Huggies" - a hoop style earring that sits nestled closely to your earlobe. 

Personalized Pieces

Another popular trend for Summer is Personalized Jewelry Pieces. Where you select our large sideways initial letter necklaces or a custom Roman numeral necklace, your individual look will be unique. Show off your hobbies and lifestyle as well with our large selection of Sorority jewelry, or expressive word bracelets like "Saltwater" or "Namaste".

Personalized can also refer to birthstones or even your Zodiac birth sign. One of our favorite items is our necklace that has your zodiac sign interpreted in little Cubic Zirconia stars representing your celestial constellation.  Celestial pieces are always popular in those Summer nights.


At ZokyDoky.com our buyers love jewelry that makes a statement using unconventional materials. Interesting fabrics, stones, unique beads, leather, fur, fringe, tassels, resins, and even paper is what keeps this industry exciting. Even some of our "vegan-leather" looks, feels and even smells like real leather. Basically, this 2019 season is all about stepping a bit out of your comfort zone and trying something fresh to update your look. Whether you choose color, whimsy, or just a modern new silhouette just own it and make your personal style statement. There really is something for everyone this Spring/Summer 2019 season!