The Crown Chakra- Humility & Enlightenment
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The chakras, or energy points, exist within each of us, guiding us as we come into our spiritual power. When we are balanced in our chakras, we are able to obtain a state of higher consciousness. As we embark upon our personal journey, we seek balance and alignment of our energy. The seventh of the chakras, the Crown Chakra—or Sahasrara—is the Divine Awakening, where all energies meet and light emanates, illuminating all knowledge and understanding. A thousand-petal lotus radiates energy and light, mimicking the brilliance of the sun. No other light is as brilliant as this. This is a beautiful, inspirational and interesting piece of jewelry.
Chakra:  Crown Chakra (Sahasrara Chakra)
Location:  Top of the Head
Color:   Violet
Balanced Attributes: Self Realization, Unity, Elevation
Imbalanced Attributes: Fear, Grief, Separation
Mantra: OM (“I See & I Understand”)
Lotus: Thousand Petal Lotus (Symbolizing Supreme Consciousness)
- Amethyst – spirituality, peace, prosperity
- 36" Length
- 18kt gold plated over brass


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