Capricorn Symbol Medallion Necklace
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Capable Capricorn, you’re a born leader and provider. Your sign’s legend revolves around Amalthea, a mythological goat who protected Zeus as a baby. To reward her, he turned her horn into the “horn of plenty,” a fitting allegory for your abundant, care taking sign. Sun goes Into Capricorn: December 22nd – January 20th 

Words that describe you: Ambitious, Conscientious, Reliable and Patient
Zodiac Birthstone: Garnet – Stone of Grounding
Your Element: Earth
Vibration: Powerful energy
Life Pursuit: To be proud of self-achievements
Capricorn Secret Desire: Admiration from family, friends, and the world at large
Ruling Planet: Saturn - Responsibility, Exploration
16” Length Chain
Slightly under ½” diameter Medallion
Heavy 18K Gold Plating
Matte Gold Finish


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