Leo Medallion Necklace
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The radiant, life-giving Sun is Leo’s heavenly ruler—and like that fiery ball in the sky, wonders of the world revolve around you. Zodiac lore connects you to the Nemean Lion, a creature with impenetrable skin. Fearless and fierce, you brave a challenge like no other. Sun goes into Leo: July 22nd - August 21st 
Words that describe you: Leader, Creative, Enthusiastic and Proud
Zodiac Birthstone:  Peridot – Stone of relationships
Your Element: Fire
Vibration: Radiant energy
Life Pursuit:  Leading the way
Leo Secret Desire: To be a star
Ruling Planet: Sun - Self Expressions, Initiation
16”-20” chain length
Slightly under ½” diameter Medallion
Heavy 18kt gold plating
Matte Gold Finish


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