Aquarius Symbol Medallion Necklace
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Aquarius is the esteemed Water Bearer, tasked by Zeus to pour nectar into the cups of the gods, which preserved their eternal youth and vigor. Here on earth, your effect is the same. The spirit-lifting life of the party, you’re widely admired for your beauty and good humor. Sun goes into Aquarius: January 21st - February 17th 

Words that describe you: Adventurous, Gentle, Inventive and Visionary
Zodiac Birthstone: Amethyst – Stone of Spirituality
Your Element: Air
Vibration: High frequency
Life Pursuit: Understanding the mysteries of life
Aquarius Secret Desire: Being unique and original
Ruling Planet: Uranus - Originality, Individuality

16”-20” chain length
Slightly under ½” diameter Medallion
Heavy 18kt gold plating
Matte Gold Finish


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